Terms and Conditions

By signing up to March 2 Zero you herby declare that you have a personal responsibility to care for the Earth, for the benefit of your fellow, and particularly for your future humans, and all other wonderous species which inhabit this amazing planet.

The March 2 Zero Foundation reserves the rights to remove any participant or partner found to engage hereby for any purposes other than those which seek to preserve enjoyment of our natural environment, or otherwise act in ways which detriment the ability of all persons’ right to live a fulfilling humble existence.

This website provides guidance and incentives to become a better human being. Although we endevaour to undertake all research within our means, the March 2 Zero foundation makes no assurances whatsover to the quantitative accuracy or scientitific merit for points, or other imaginary or real benefits attributed to the various pledges available here. However we ourselves pledge to never promote any activity for which there exists evidence that it may be counter to our aim of preserving life on Earth.