What is March 2 Zero?

A global movement, creating challenges and solutions for a carbon free world.

There is global consensus that we must reduce carbon emissions. The goal is to achieve zero carbon footprints. What role can the individual take in removing as much carbon carbon as they put in to the atmosphere every day? Can businesses, governments and other organisations play a bigger role in marching towards zero emissions? Can all consumer goods be labelled carbon neutral like 'fair trade' or 'Australian made'?

March 2 Zero is a special month of action in March by individuals, companies and governments providing a challenge and the tools to achieve zero carbon emissions for a day, a week or a month. Every minute counts to win the race against climate change. We are creating a platform of good sense and global action. It’s a fast track to less carbon emissions and driving solutions.

March 2 Zero Foundation Pty Ltd is an independent organistaion registered in Australia ABN 637 621 071. Founded as a not-for-profit, deductible charitable gift (DGR) status is being obtained in 2020.